Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working in some weird and wonderful locations. Not too unusual when I’m shooting but when I am editing or animating it can be a bit challenging. High pressure, quick turn around jobs can be as fun as they are stressful and it sure beats being stuck in a dark edit suite. 

Here are a few photos from some of the weird and wonderful places I have worked.

EU Referendum 2016

I had the pleasure of working aboard the Lib Dems’ battle bus during the EU Referendum campaign in 2016. We travelled to London, Newport, Newquay, Cambridge and Birmingham in little under a week. Each stop we would shoot a piece that would then be edited en route to the next location and then the whole process would repeat. The bus was amazing, it had a kitchen in the back, a faster internet connection that I had at home and Sky Sports so we got to watch the Euro 2016 tournament with a few beers. Notable moments included Tim Farron doing the John Barnes rap from Italia ’90 and the bus getting stuck in a lane and popping a side window.

Whistle stop tour of Germany and Switzerland, shooting promo videos for an award ceremony. The trip started in London, flying to Dusseldorf for a quick interview and G.V’s. The straight back on the plane to Zurich. Drive to Lucerne and then up to Titlis Mountain for more interviews and G.V’s. Next was a flight to Hannover for more interviews and G.V’s 

Over the years I have edited and animated in some unusual places. The majority of the time it is whilst working on live events that require quick turn arounds . Some of the places I have worked in are; airports, airplanes, trains, hotel restaurants and bar tops.

A few notable locations would be the battle bus as mentioned above, a beach in Barcelona, which was part of a video booth attraction at Prima Vera Festival.  Liverpool city centre in the snow was another extremely painful edit location. I animated a parts of a title sequence (Private Lives of the Monarchy) in Geneva Airport departures lounge.